What is interlocking good for?

When installed properly, the whole driveway or walkway is a unified, bound whole, but is also created with individual stone or concrete bricks. This gives the paving the ability to transfer loads and stresses by an arching or bridging of the units involved, spreading the load over a larger area of the driveway. This means that your paving will support heavier loads, allow heavier traffic over it, and last longer than anything other than reinforced concrete. While a normal concrete driveway may bear about 2000 psi, interlocking will bear up to 4 times that amount! This means that it will break down far more slowly, and require less replacements and maintenance to the surface of the material.

In addition, this material is far more flexible than other forms of paving. This means that if you live in area where seismic activity is common, an interlocking driveway will likely last you far longer than standard concrete owing to it’s ability to change and contort in accordance to seismic contortion and activity.

Interlocking stone pavers is also an excellent eye-grabber, as it can be arranged in irregular patterns and features coloured bricks and stones. Stylish, allowing for a variety of designs and hues, and made of quality, durable materials, interlocking is one of the best choices for your home and driveway pavement.

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