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Looking for a premier company for Oakville commercial paving services? You’ve hit the right page. We are capable of taking care of any paving job, no matter how small or big. In Oakville, we are the only paving contractors who can satisfy all your concrete and asphalt paving needs. We have been supporting businesses, factories, retail areas, parking lots, hospitals, schools and other facilities in and around Oakville for a number of years now and understand the weather and other contaminants in this region better than anyone, to give you most the efficient and cost-effective paving solutions.

Listed below are some of the services we offer

Concrete Repairs

We are focused on providing you the most effective and durable repair possible. We will use the best techniques and materials to seal any cracks or damage to the concrete surface. We will ensure to clean the area around the damage before any concrete repairs for a more lasting effect. Once repaired, the surface will look as good as new. As a property owner, your main concern always remains in keeping the concrete surfaces from cracking due to traffic or weather conditions. Over time, neglected cracks can accumulate dust and water. The longer you wait to get these repaired, the more damage the water and dust will do and the repair becomes that much more expensive. We offer long term repair solutions for the cracks on your commercial property. Do not delay these repairs for too long.

Parking lot repairs and maintenance

Parking lots are one of the most abused concrete surfaces, due to the constant movement of vehicles. The most effective way to maintain the surface is to have regular checks and repairs done to any delicate area. Whether they are longitudinal cracks, revealing or transverse cracks, we will ensure to complete all repairs that include best preventive methods against long-term damage. Regular maintenance of parking lots will ensure that you do not have continuously spent on ongoing damage.

Seal coating

Seal coating is a cost-efficient alternative to repaving. It ensures the life span of the surface increases and degree of deterioration decreases. Our technicians will advise you on when seal coating is the best option to be chosen. It keeps the dirt from penetrating the surface and most definitely enhances the look of the concrete surface.

Concrete slab repair

If you are experiencing cracks in the floor slabs then slab repair is the best option. It can be used to fill cracks patterns and foundation cracks. Depending on your cracks, our technicians will decide on the best approach to repair the slabs.

Asphalt maintenance

We are the asphalt contractors in Oakville, and take on any repair, repaving or replacement contracts for commercial paving. Our experienced technicians will ensure to give you the best solutions for your property’s needs.

Interlocking Pavers

Experience the enduring beauty of interlocking paving stones. We design each surface uniquely customized to your requirements. Interlocking paving is an investment for commercial buildings to increase attraction and durability.

We understand commercial paving and provide a wide range of solutions to our customers. We ensure to make your property management responsibilities a little bit easier, by being your dependable partners for Oakville commercial paving services.


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Had my whole driveway replaced, loved their service, patience and professionalism. They did a great job! Highly recommended!

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