Vaughan Driveway Paving and Interlocking Services

Our team at VIP Paving and Contracting Ltd. has got you covered for any of your needs of repairing, replacing or building. We have built a reputation for excellence with our hard work in various cities.

We provide various services like driveway paving-repair or replacement, driveway sealing, interlock services and deck building. We can assure you of the fastest and the best services in Vaughan. Our experts have the most knowledge regarding paving services. We provide the most reliable Driveway pavers in Vaughan. Following are these services discussed in detail:

Driveway paving and repair

We specialize in both residential as well as commercial methods. We have two different kinds of these services:

Driveway resurfacing

This means removing the top layer and replacing it. The first step is to power was the surface to prepare it for further process. Then, our team repairs the cracks by priming them and then reinforcing them with fabric. Then, our professionals apply a base coat over the fabric. After that, they patch the best polymer concrete over the fabric. It is then grounded until it flushes with your driveway surface. This service is the best if your driveway has cracks, soft spots or holes but the foundation is still sound.

Slab jacking

It is the best service when few areas of your driveway have cracks or have sunk. In this process, our team first drills holes near the affected area. Then, they fill them with polyurethane foam or cement grout mixture. This mixture helps in filling up the voids in the soil. These holes are then filled with concrete and the cracks are caulked. You driveway looks as good as new.

There are various driveway pavers that we have: Interlocking pavers, concrete pavers, landscape, gravel etc. Moreover, we deal in commercial paving-repair or building a new one. We are the best commercial paving service provider in Vaughan.

Interlocking service

We understand the different needs and choices of different customers. We have done thousands of interlocking pavement contracts for our residential as well as commercial clients. This service is in great demand and is very cost-effective as the process of installation, replacement and maintenance are very simple. We have also introduced permeable interlocking stone pavers which are very good for the environment. There many types of pavers:

  1. Natural stones: this is a bit expensive. However, this is excellent for Canadian weather as they are resistant to fading and weathering. They can be made from granite, limestone, flagstone and fieldstone. These are the best for patios and garden paths.
  2. Brick pavers: they are made of baked clay. They may need to be cleaned once in a while because of the chalky substance. They are perfect for driveways and walkways as they can bear a lot of pressure.

Concrete pavers

These are made from a mix of molded concrete and an aggregate. They are simple to install and are extremely durable. Though, these need a bit of maintenance.

Contact us to beautify and to add value to your property. We assure you of the best professional services and quality products.


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